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Croft & Vance, CPAs

It's not just about the numbers.


At Croft and Vance, we are proud to be a family-owned business with over 35 years of experience in providing exceptional tax services. We strive to create a personal experience for every client we work with. Our team is dedicated to helping clients navigate through the complicated tax process by providing professional and reliable services. We specialize in corporate and personal taxes and offer monthly services for small businesses as well. Contact us today to see how we can help you!



Tax Filings

At Croft and Vance, we understand that running a business is complex enough without accounting and tax worries adding to the mix. That's why we offer comprehensive CPA services that focus on what you need most: accurate and timely financial reporting, reliable tax preparation, and expert advice on how to minimize your tax liabilities. With our corporate tax filings, clients can focus on building their businesses with the confidence that comes from knowing they're in good hands.

Tax Filings

At Croft and Vance, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive CPA services to help clients achieve their financial goals. While we offer a range of business services, we know that personal tax filings can be a particularly daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help make the process as stress-free as possible.

Monthly Business

At Croft and Vance, we understand the challenges small business owners face. That's why we offer monthly services designed to make their lives easier. We provide timely and accurate financial statements, handle payroll taxes, and take care of all bookkeeping needs so that entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best-running their business smoothly and efficiently.

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